4 quick tips for living with a messy person

When it comes to organization, there are two types of people: those willing to put in the time to live a clean and orderly life and those who are not.

It can be difficult to keep your cool when everyone is making messes and you are the only one cleaning up, especially in a roommate situation. You want to live in a clean and organized home. You feel that everyone living there should share the responsibility. So, what can you do to make your home a nicer place to live?

2. Take care of your own things.

Allot equal space for each person. Divide up personal storage shelves, cupboards and living areas. Specify that you are in charge of your space and your partner is in charge of his/her space.

You can then clean and organize your space to your heart’s content.

In the same vein, your partner or roommate can live in complete disorder as long as it doesn’t infringe on your personal space. When your partner’s items, like clothes, shoes, papers, etc., are left in common areas like doorways or on a kitchen table; gently place those items in their defined space, leaving the common area clean.

If you are living with multiple roommates, more drastic measures might need to be taken. For example, keep your personal toiletries in a portable bin that travels with you and is stored in your bedroom.

3. Consider a trade.

If it is really important to you that all the areas of your home are clean, make a deal with your partner or roommates. For example, you will take care of all of the cleaning and organizing IF your partner does all of the grocery shopping and laundry, or if your roommates will pay a small portion of your rent. Just as in tip No. 1, it’s important to talk it out to come to a solution.

4. Create a sanctuary for yourself.

When all else fails, take care of yourself. You can only do so much to change the habits of the people who live with you. Instead of getting frustrated with them, figure out a way to relax.

I suggest you find a spot that you can make your own. Somewhere that is off limits to everyone else and that you alone are responsible to maintain. Clean, purge and then organize that space to make it a peaceful retreat.

When the mess of others overwhelms you, go to this space and revel in the organized cleanliness.

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