This article is a good read and it really emphasizes that people are working too many extra hours every week in the office or at home doing office work.  Call the Original Assistant to help ease your stress in your personal and office work.



QUINCY, ILL. — Going into a new year, people want to make it better then the last. But with high-stress work environments and the constant to-do-list, how can you ensure a healthier lifestyle?

“We tend to put in long hours, we tend to take work home, we tend to respond to e-mails and voicemails, and we feel like we just don’t have any personal life away from our job,” Coordinator of health services at Blessing Chuck Jonson said.

This is the common lifestyle for working Americans.

A recent study shows that 80 percent of Americans spend 30 extra hours per week in the office or at home doing office work.

While short-term stress can lead to sudden bursts of energy, the long-term effects, aren’t so positive.

“Physically people will start to have back aches, stomach aches, they’re palms start to get their blood pressure goes up. Some of the emotional effects of stress can be they’re finding that they worry too much, or they may be finding it hard to focus on things,” behavioral health therapist at Quincy Medical Group, Kathy Saunders said.

And Saunders says these effects are just the tip of the iceburg.

Having too much stress can lead to depression, becoming isolated and even heart problems.

And as for the people in your life, spending too many hours in the office or on your e-mail, can take its toll on your loved ones.

“Take a perspective, take a look at your family, decide what is important for you, because I can tell you, if you spend all your time at work, if you’re never at home, sooner or later you won’t have a home to return to,” Johnson said.

Johnson says a good way to relieve work stress is to prioritize your life which will help you eliminate the things that aren’t so important to you.

And at the end of a long work day, having time for yourself is a crucial element to making 2015 a healthier, stress-free year.

“I encourage people to develop what I call hermit time, and that is time that you’re alone,” Johnson said.
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