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Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Launching of The Original Assistant – An Administrative Consultant Company

It is announced that a new administrative consultant company has recently been launched. The Original Assistant is an online company that provides high quality administrative services all over North America. In order to remain competitive in the ever-growing electronic business world these days, people need to get their work done – fast and effectively. With the help of The Original Assistant, people will be able to obtain similar efficient service of an executive or administrative assistant without having to spend a lot of money in enlisting the services of a full-time assistant.

People can benefit from enlisting the services of The Original Assistant. This administrative consultant company offers a highly skilled and very organized executive assistant with more than 20 years of experience when it comes to coordinating and planning administrative functions on a daily basis. In addition, the staff of The Original Assistant has a lot of working experiences in terms of a variety of sectors and departments such as in engineering, health, finance and human resources. They are also responsible, self-motivated and are thoroughly experienced at working in the ever-growing environments of such niche.

The Original Assistant is dedicated to protecting their clients’ privacy, as well as their online visitors. The relationship the company has with their clients is valuable and The Original Assistant understands the significance clients put on the security and privacy of details which personally identifies themselves. Because of that, and whether people are first-time visitors of the company on the internet or a regular client, The Original Assistant seriously takes into consideration their privacy.

In addition, The Original Assistant helps people get organized and lessen their load. Getting organized is beneficial for people and their relationships with other businesses as well. Moreover, The Original Assistant will help people make more time for themselves and for their families and friends!


For more details with regard to the services of The Original Assistant, please visit their website at The Original Assistant is an administrative consultant company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that offers excellent administrative services all over North America via the World Wide Web. In hiring The Original Assistant, people can make the most of similar effective services of an executive or administrative assistant without the need to hire a full-time staff.

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